SWI @ 17: Moving, Rocking, Winning

At seventeen, in human years, you wouldn’t even be old enough to vote or drink.
In Stratworks years, it’s a fun, frenetic, fantastic ride through intoxicating challenges and discoveries, awesome inspirations and triumphs, and awards, awards, awards. So our 17th year anniversary celebration couldn’t just be a timeline-tracing of the Stratworks journey from humble beginnings to one of the country’s most awarded agencies. It had to be more than that.

We latched on to what always worked for us: We’re here to serve and we’re here for each other. This was brought to life by our apron-clad mancom and excom working as aproned wait staff throughout our anniversary feast. It tickled us pink to have our drinks, aperitifs and entree’s served to us by our seniors and superiors. Strictly no tipping, of course. Yet it also warmly brought home how much we go through for, and with, each other. By the time the band came on for a marathon jam, Stratworkers (and ID8ors) were already on a collective high – on commitment to more moving, rocking, winning years. Bring it on!